What is a butcher craftsman?

The craftsmen butchers Les Compagnons du Goût propose 5 ideas for picking meat, in order to avoid any preconceived concept. First category or not, depending on the beef, the options differ... Be careful, the colour of the meat must be vibrant. More informations : https://www.giraudi-meats.com/ . The calf, on the other hand, must be pink. While pork meat must be pink and pearly and bright pink meat must be bright and shiny. The meat must not be sticky or dry. Meat should be tender. Except in exceptional cases, prefer meat. Choose meats that meet specific quality and traceability standards.

Meat is better in the butcher's shop

Meat is essential to health. Traditional meat is a food rich in proteins, nutrients that are essential for maintaining and building muscles and tissues, but also for renewing the body's cells. A 100g serving of beef provides 30% of your daily protein requirements, another important nutrient for your body: iron, which helps to oxygenate the blood and strengthen muscles, and which is found in red meat, in a form also easier to assimilate. Two thirds of the pieces are not fat: two thirds contain less than 8% fat. Combined with a diet, it is therefore perfectly balanced and also deserves a more important place on your plate.

Butcher's products

The butcher frequently provides a selection of local products. At La Boucherie, you will find traditional and traditional meats, delicatessen, game, as well as a wide range of excellent products. There is a reason why the local butcher shop stands out... Local retailers can offer you personalized services, because they know the tastes of regular customers and make cuts that perfectly meet everyone's requirements. The butchers' objective is to meet their customers and provide them with relevant advice. Services are a little less common in supermarkets because they provide services. Butchers are able to offer a wide variety of meats in addition to local quality products. You will be able to discover more or less meat such as local delicatessens and a wide variety of quality products. The products supplied by butchers generally come from the manufacturer. This saves you shipping costs, various commissions and less travel for meat.

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